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Since its founding in 1979, The Law Firm of Quinn & Morris PC has grown in size, capabilities and reputation. Its character has been shaped by its experienced founding partners, Robert H. Quinn and James T. Morris, and talented young associates have enriched the practice with their determination and drive. Our firm offers a complete array of legal services to clients, especially in the areas of:

A recognized leader in government relations and regulatory affairs
Quinn and Morris has become a recognized leader in the areas of government regulation and regulatory affairs. We represent numerous corporations and business trade associations that are concerned with how public policies impact their business operations at the local, state and federal level. Quinn and Morris brings to each client matter the expertise and sound judgment necessary to operate effectively in the complex political climate of Massachusetts. A consistent command of current political realities enables us to help clients manage difficult issues and develop strategies to achieve their goals.

Attentive, results-oriented personal injury representation
If you or a loved one suffers serious injury as a result of another party’s negligence, you want effective advocacy that inspires confidence and gives you peace of mind. Attorneys at Quinn and Morris have more than 120 years of combined litigation experience. We can evaluate and assess your claim free of charge. If you choose to retain us, you’ll find our firm has the skill and working knowledge to thoroughly investigate and persuasively argue your case. We have a track record of positive outcomes for our clients, recovering damages through shrewdly negotiated settlements or aggressive litigation.

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